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Best soothing relaxing massage, Juvenex Spa in New York, massage therapy and spa professionals, We are Open NOW!

Best soothing relaxing massage, Juvenex Spa in New York, massage therapy and spa professionals, We are Open NOW! Close up of masseuse giving a foot reflexology treatment in a natural light tone in a spa salon

Foot massage effect

Eliminating energy circulation disorders Foot massage improves circulation disorders by promoting waste excretion. Promote blood circulation …
It maintains the balance of the endocrine glands and relieves tension.

Foot massage The foot is closely related to blood circulation throughout the body.
Foot massage is an intravenous massage. It is especially effective for pregnant women, diabetes, and swollen feet, because it helps the body’s blood circulation by sending blood from the heart to the heart.

Also, according to oriental medicine, looking at the feet can reveal the abnormalities of these organs and organs, and taking good care of the feet can cure their illness. If you can’t digest, look at the gastrointestinal tract of the foot reflex, and it’s swollen. If you press here, it’s good for digestion.

When you come to Juvenex SPA in New York, you can enjoy foot massage, sauna, spa & body massage. Please call us for a reservation today, thank you.

 Thermo-Stone Therapy – Let warmed river rocks, soothing oils and a skilled therapist’s hands bring you to deep inner peace.

Timeless women Chomi’s interest is beauty, that is, beauty. Various attempts for beauty, from body shape management to skin beauty and plasticity, have continued over the years. Among them, there is a remedy for pursuing beauty with a different tool,’stone therapy’. Stone therapy literally uses a stone to stimulate the skin’s surface to adjust the balance of the human body and remove toxins from the body.

Stone therapy is a treatment that has been handed down from ancient China, India, and Greece, and is a kind of cold and heat treatment that stimulates the skin surface. In the early 1990s, Nelson Hanigan, in Tucson, Arizona, USA, developed a method similar to today’s, spread all over the world.

Our late night spa is opening 24hrs, we provide Romantic couples spa, getaway spa, facial massage, day spa, body scrub, sun tanning, an entire floor rental for Spa party, group party Spa, company party Spa. Juvenex Spa is the best spa in New York, near Midtown, Manhattan, Time Square, Washington square park, The High line, near Empire state building, Madison square park, New York Korean Town.

Massage is acknowledged to relax muscles and promote blood circulation, eliminating toxins that have accumulated in body tissues.


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Romantic Couple Spa & Massage in New York – Experience the charm and beauty of New York’s famous Korean Town from the premier New York spa services. The Juvenex Spa features recently redesigned spa room and provide a luxurious resort-style spa, massage, body scrub and a full-service spa. The perfect location makes us an ideal choice for exploring New York City and nearby Empire state building and Korean town

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