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seo do google in Richmond CA

About Attracta SEO report

What do you need for improving your site Ranking?

seo do google in Richmond CA

A year ago, I was interested in Attacta SEO service and I paid them and got their report like this below:

I found some curious thing from their report, one is “authority site” and the other is “web 2.0 links”
these two terms were already in SEO world for a long time, even if we didn’t call them such a words.

The “authority site” means that already popular, well-known, credible sites, and eventually, google will give more point on search ranking than the website of created in recently.

Also, the “Web 2.0 links” is kind of satellite sites that link back to the authority sites as a reference.
And the last of Social/Bookmark Links was extremely slow to open and most of them are “crap” links which I don’t like.

I believe these sites and links are generated by “Machine scripts” Not by human hands.

Instead of getting these kinds of junk sites and links, Luckily, you can get the pure organic site links and keywords link blast from www.baynetsoltuion.com. web design & SEO service in El Sobrante CA.

The baynetsolution.com provide the high-quality links and sites for the customers who need the absolutely “machine free” generated articles. the articles, blogs from baynetsolution.com is authentic and original written by top SEO specialist with proven keywords in use.

http://www.baynetsolution.com/p/advance-seo.html (Advanced SEO)

http://www.baynetsolution.com/p/seo-subscription.html (Basic SEO)

web design & SEO service in Richmond CA

Link Blast Report
Your Link Blast order is complete! Our content team has written an article specific to your industry, then published variations of that article on 3 new sites created by our off-site creation staff. These articles include links to your site. Then, our linkbuilding team has built links which point at these three new “authority sites”, which effectively focuses the link juice right to your site in a natural way.
If you have questions about our process, don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope that you enjoy your new links, and wish you the best of luck with your site!
Get Another Link Blast
Target URL
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The following authority sites were created which link back to your main site and form the “lens” that focuses link power to your site
“Web 2.0” Links:
Here are 5 sample links, built on “web 2.0” properties, that are funneling link juice to your authority sites.
5 additional “web 2.0” links were created in addition to this sample.
Social/Bookmark Links:
Here are 5 sample links, built on social media and bookmarking sites, that are funneling link juice to your authority sites.
0 additional social/bookmark links were created in addition to this sample.
Mass Links:
We also created “mass links” from directory sites, blogs, and more, to drive even more search engine attention to your site.


342 total “mass links” were built, in addition to your social/bookmark and “web 2.0” links.

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